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revised 9 July 2010

Latest News

July 9, 2010:
Between moving and work I haven't been able to keep the website up as well as
I would have liked. For a summary of the Dragons schedule and scores please 
click here.
As this is posted, the link above doesn't have our last two games, the Tuesday
7/6 16-8 win against the Balmers, and yesterday's 19-16 defeat of the Spare 
Parts. These games bring our season record so far to 11-7, solidly fixed in the
top half of the standings with just two makeup games to go before the playoffs.

June 24 2010:
The webmaster missed last Thursday's game against the Coyotes, and regrets not
seeing the Dragons' revenge. We won, the score was something like 9-6. That's
unofficial. Hey scorekeeper, the winning team is supposed to report the score 
to LSSE so it can be posted.
On Tuesday 6/22 your webmaster could not stay until the end of our game with
Danco Modern (formerly known as Charlie's). We were losing in the 6th inning. 
No score posted yet by LSSE.
We have a Sunday game coming up, 6/27. This is a makeup of the Valley
Radicals game originally scheduled for 6/10.

June 16 2010:
* Once again the webmaster has been slow getting this news posted, perhaps 
because recent scores have been somewhat embarassing. On June 8 the Truculent
Turkeys just gobbled us up, a 33-5 loss. We were invited to accept a mercy rule
ending, but we were having fun even while losing so badly, and we opted to play
the full seven innings. The next game we played was against the Primordial
Ooze last night (6/15). We were actually ahead for an inning, but we lost 20-7,
again, having a full seven innings of fun. Actually we played better than the 
score would indicate, we loaded the bases a few times with nobody, or perhaps
one Dragon only, making it home.
* Our record is now 4 wins, 5 losses. We are in 6th place in a league of 12 
teams, not great, but we have had worse seasons.
* On June 10 we had been scheduled to play the Valley Radicals, but it was a 
wet, wet day, and that game is now scheduled for Sunday 6/27, 6:25 at Fort 
River 2.

June 6, 2010:
The webmaster apologizes for getting behind in updating this page. Recent events:
- On Tuesday June 25 we had an exciting but heart-breaking game with the
Justice League who defeated us 17-16 with a walk-off run in the bottom of
the seventh. That last inning was played in near-darkness, we should have
stopped after 6 innings and finished the game on another day.
- On Thursday June 27 we did splendidly against Team Awesome, handily defeating
them 12-7.
- On Tuesday June 1 all games were postponed by LSSE because of rain.
- On Thursday June 3 we met Team Awesome again, and this time they offered more
of a challenge. They tied the game in the top of the 7th, but this time it was
our turn for a walk-off victory -- we loaded the bases, and our fourth batter,
Ramon, got the RBI. I think the score was 12-11.
- We now have two postponed games. The game with Unnatural Selection that had 
been scheduled for Tuesday May 18 is now scheduled for Tuesday July 13, FR1, 
7:45. The June 1 game with the Balmers is scehduled for Thursday June 15, FR2,
6:15. Any additional postponements will be played on Sundays, same field and
time as originally scheduled. 
May 24, 2010:
Too bad if you missed last Thursday's game against Terminal Velocity -- it was
our best game yet this season. We started out ahead in the first inning, a few 
innings later it was a 6-6 tie, but from then on it was a Dragons juggernaut. 
We were ahead 26-6 after our last at-bat in the top of the 7th. We slipped a 
little during the TV's last at bat, and they doubled their score -- an 
impressive effort, but nonetheless we had an impressive enough 26-12 victory.
Also, in case you missed the news, because of rain the Tuesday 5/18 game has 
been postponed to Tuesday 7/13, same time and field.

Older news items are now archived here.

Managers phone numbers:
Nat - cell 508-685-5155, work 413-545-7372
Al - cell 413-348-1932, home 413-549-2983

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Want to play? Contact one of the co-managers:
Nat Trask (nat.trask@gmail.com)   
Al Woodhull (awoodhull@hampshire.edu)   

Our league is part of the Amherst (MA) Amherst Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (LSSE) sports program.

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