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Thursday May 5 Ben Gay Balmers vs Dragons

May 12, 2005

From trup@ecsconsult.com Thu May 12 14:39:51 2005
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 08:02:50 -0400
From: Tom Rup 
To: Dragons 
Subject: First Game, First Win

Hello everyone,


Well, we got the first game against the Ben Gay Balmers out of the way on
Groff Park 1.  I am happy to say that we won the game 9-7.  I was a
little tense leading up to the game, but everything turned out great  We
were able to not only field a team but have both a man and woman extra
hitter.  The game was highlighted but he return of Marcy to the Dragons
after a season off and the off season full of contract disputes.  It was
also the debut of Ben Harrington, son of Gaby and Vern into the Dragons
line up.  I would also like to make some quick notes, Natasha got her
first hit, Mary made great contact when we got the right bat in her
hands, Marcy made a great spinning catch, Brian and Ben both pitched
great, and Mark is no longer allowed to listen to Lawren in the field. 


Remember we have a bye on Tuesday, rest those first game sore muscles and
be ready to play on Thursday against one of our favorite teams......to
beat, the Primordial Ooze.  I originally said the game was at Fort River,
I was wrong.  Looking at the schedule the game will be held at Groff Park
1 again.  It is listed on the web page.


Thanks again, have a great week, and see you Thursday!!


Thomas Rup MCP

Network Administrator

ECS, Inc.


cell: 413-519-0177

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