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Thursday May 19 Dragons vs Coyotes

updated June 1, 2005

Quick report: Dragons won 13-9. 

Update: During the afternoon before the game I had an e-mail exchange with
Coyotes manager Mike O'Neill. He told me that the average score against
them had been something like 16 or 17 runs in previous games, and
challenged us to score 20. Well, it wasn't like that exactly, it was a
relatively low-scoring game for us and the outcome was in doubt most of
the way. We started off with a 1-0 lead after the 1st inning, they came
back strong, it was Coyotes 4-1 after two innings and Coyotes 6-1 after
three. In the fourth we started to claw our way back, but not without
resistance, it was Coyotes 8-4 after that one. Then things turned around,
after a scoreless 5th we got 4 runs in the 6th and 5 more in the 7th, and
held them to just 1 in the sixth.

Having postponed writing this up for so long, my memory of details fades a
little bit. Looking at the book, I see the following at-bat results(*):

Matt:    1B: 3, 2 runs scored
Natasha: 1B: 3
Ben:     1B: 2, 1 run scored
Lawren:  1B: 0, 2B:1, 3B:1, HR:1, 2 runs scored (almost the cycle)
Marcy:   1B: 2, 1 run scored
Brian:   1B: 2, 2B: 1, 3 runs scored
Mary:    1B: 2, 1 run scored
Vince:   1B: 4, 2 runs scored
Tom:     1B: 1, 2B: 1, HR: 1, 1 run scored
... and of course our 10th player was Otto, with the usual results. It has
been suggested that our missing player is always a woman, perhap we should
identify her as Ms. Sing.

(*) I don't exactly score by big league standings. If you survive a
fielder's choice you get credited with a hit, if you get to second on an
overthrow to first I credit you with a double.

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