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Tuesday May 31 Dragons vs Ben Gay Balmers

updated June 1, 2005

Quick report: Dragons won 14-8 in eight innings. It was much more 
exciting than the final score indicates, we were ahead 8-4 after six 
innings, they tied it at 8-8 in the 7th.

Update: We seem to be slow starters sometimes. It was Balmers 3-0 after 
two innings. In the third inning we came back with 4, in the fourth they 
got one more, and it was a 4-4 tie after four innings. In the fifth we added
one, to take the lead, and neither side scored in the sixth. In the top of
the seventh we added 3 more and I was feeling pretty good. But the Balmers
are never to be counted out. They came back in the bottom of the seventh
with 4 runs to tie it 8-8. This angered the Dragon, lit our fire, you
might say, and we got back 6 in the eighth inning and then shutdown the
Balmers 1-2-3 for a 14-8 victory.

Here's the lineup (with runs scored):
Matt (3), Anna (2), Lawren (3), Ben T. (3), Gaby, Ben S., Marcy, Tom (1),
Natasha (1), Al [played 2.5 innings], Vince (1) [played 5.5 innings].

Ben T.'s new cleats (a small extravagance on the same day he and Natasha
bought a house) served him well as he pitched the full game and did a lot
of running on the base paths.

Ms. Sing did not join us today, thanks to Gaby, Marcy, Anna, and Natasha.
Ms. Sing was in the Balmers lineup at game time, but was later relieved.

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