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Thursday June 9: Drawing Dead vs Dragons

updated June 9, 2005

Thursday June 9 at Fort River 2, 6:15 p.m.
Coed unumpired A division, Dragons 15, Drawing Dead 5.

Another game with Otto, a.k.a. Ms Sing, in the number 10 slot in the
Dragons lineup.  As seems to happen frequently, our opponents took an
early lead, but by the end of three innings we were ahead 5-3 and never
looked back. Marcy was hurting from an injury in our last game, and Al was
still having problems and limping at the end, so several others were
called in to serve as pinch runners. Lawren acted as outfield coach,
Lawren and Matt alone covered most of the outfield, with Al and later Anna
playing short field. Once again a strong youthful team falls before the
maturity and experience of the Dragons. Oh yes, it does help that we have
Lawren, Matt, Tom, and Ray hitting long balls. And we pulled off a triple
play, Tom to Marcy to Brian, too. I think I might have seen that once
before in this league.

Today's lineup: Matt, Anna, Ray, Marcy, Al, Mary, Brian, Lawren, Tom,
and Ms Sing. At various times Nicky, Mary, and Anna ran for Marcy, and
Ray ran for Al.

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