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Tuesday June 14 Coyotes vs Dragons

updated June 15, 2005

Dragons 7, Coyotes 0

Our first single digit score since our first game of the season, but also
our first shutout -- not bad!

A few highlights: an 8-1 double play: with a runner on first a long fly to
center field was caught by Lawren, who managed a terrific throw (and Marcy
at first base a terrific catch), forcing out an overconfident runner who  
obviously had thought he would be able to get back to first in time after 
such a long hit.

...and: three pop fouls caught by Mary behind the plate. She had a ball 
magnet in her glove last night.

It's not as if the Coyotes couldn't get on base: by my count they had 13 
runners (11 hits and 2 walks). We had 13 runners who didn't score, too, but
7 more who did... 

By a strange coincidence the Red Sox also were on the winning side of a 7-0
shutout (over the Reds) last night.

Last night's starting lineup: Matt, Anna, Lawren, Tom, Marcy, Brian, Tasha, 
Ben S., Mary, Ray. Ben S. was not feeling well, was replaced by Ben T. in
right field in the 4th, then in the 5th Ben T. replaced Brian on the mound 
and Al finished the game in right.

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