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Tuesday June 21 Cowbells vs Dragons

updated June 22, 2005

Tom's report, Al had to leave early:

The Dragons lost 6-3 to the Cowbells ... they hit well and we couldn't put 
a string of hits together.  Credit their good defense for that one.  They 
came out to play, and they were the better team tonight.  

Additional notes from Al:

Maybe my semi-annual haircut cursed us. I'm sure it shocked some. 

Several regulars couldn't make it tonight. I don't have the book in front of
me as I write this, players and positions as I recall were (not in lineup 
order): Ray (P), Jenn (C), Gaby (1B), Marcy (2B) Ben S. (3B), Lawren (SS),
Tom (LF), Matt (CF), Al (RF), Anna (SF),

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