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Thursday June 30 Dragons vs Primordial Ooze

updated July 2, 2005

Dragons looze to toga-ed Ooze, 7-6

What a squeaker. The lead went back and forth. It was 6-6 after 6 innings,
we could not produce in the top of the 7th and they got the one they
needed in the bottom.

It was a good game, these were the good Ooze, friendly and well-behaved, even
if they were wearing togas. I even took a picture of them, some day it will 
be on the Dragons web page.

Our lineup today was a little unusual. Anna had an injury (not from softball)
and was unable to play. Regulars Marcy and Gaby could not make it. But we had
several guest stars fill in; Ana (Mary's daughter), Dale, and Rob, the latter
two invited by Mark. We even had extra batters today. Starting lineup: Matt, 
Dale, Mark, Tom, Jen, Ben S., Natasha, Ben T., Ray, Ana, Al, Mary. Subs: 
Lawren for Matt, Rob for Ben S., Brian for Ray.

Ana returns to California before our next game, I'm hoping Dale and Rob will
join us again.

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