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Playoffs second round: Cowbells vs Dragons

July 28, 2005

This is a generic description of many of our games this year:

Our opponents ___________ took an early lead, but we got back on top
by the ________ inning, at ____ to ____. From then on we kept the lid on
__________ and had several good innings, for a final victory at ____ to

Fill in the blanks: the Cowbells, 3rd, 4, 3, the Cowbells, 13, 3.

Starters tonight: Matt, Anna, Dwayne, Lawren, Gaby, Tom, Jenn, Ben S.,
Mary, Brian. Ray went in for Brian at pitcher in the 5th. Al and Vince
sat on the bench for this one.

Notable performances tonight: Anna was 3 for 3 and scored each time.
Dwayne was 4 for 4 and scored each time. Lawren was out at third base
twice, the first time he got credited with a double, the second time I
called it a triple since he was tagged out on his way back to 3rd. He
should listen when the coach tells him to stop. Gaby was 4 for 4, three of
those were doubles. Tom made a spectacular catch  at 3rd base. Ray only
played the last part of the game, was 2 for 2 and scored each time.

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