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Playoff round 3: Spare Parts vs Dragons

updated Aug 3, 2005

Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 08:53:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Al Woodhull 
Reply-To: Al Woodhull 
To: Dragons Softball Mailing List 
Subject: Dragons playoff final game

The LSSE schedule had the Spare Parts listed as the visitors and the
Dragons as the home team, which didn't make sense based on our standings
in the league, although it might have been based on the Dragons 2-1 record
vs the Parts. In any case, the Parts were not happy about this and
challenged it; it didn't seem worth resisting, so we let them bat last.

We got off to a good start, it was 1-1 after the first inning and
both teams failed to score in the 2nd. The 3rd and 4th innings were the
killers, the Spare Parts got 7, then 3 more and kept us from scoring. The
Dragons tried a comeback in the 5th -- with two out, Natasha got a single,
then got to second on my single, and at the top of the order Matt came up
and brought us both home, a 3 run home run. Running the bases ahead of
Matt definitely can cause shortness of breath for a while. We held the
Parts scoreless through the bottom of the 5th, but they got two more in
the sixth. At the top of the 7th it was Parts 13, Dragons 4. With one out
Tom and Marcy singled, after another out Natasha had her second single of
the game, what turned out to be our last RBI of the season. Final score

It was a good game against a better team, although not a team I find it
particularly fun to play against. I got some satisfaction that this only
evened our team competition at 2-2, even though it gave the Spare Parts
the title.

It's been a very good year for the Dragons, both in terms of
competitiveness and just plain fun. Even though we lost the final we got
the prize of the extra games in the playoffs. And we had one of the best
turnouts ever in the post-game wrapup at Rafters.

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