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LSSE/Amherst Adult Softball League Coed non-umpired A-Division

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revised 4 August 2006

The 2006 Dragons season ended on Thursday Aug 4...

Once again we got the prize of extra games in the playoff second and third rounds, but not the honor of winning the last one. Updates to this page will now be less frequent, but there are still pictures to be posted and possible post-season or inter-season events. So take a look once in a while, or tell your friends who might want to join us to look here.

Dragons complete regular season record: won 13 lost 6, tied 1 (0.675), 3rd place overall
Playoffs: we won in the first two rounds, lost in the third round

Final regular season league standings:

Turkeys:   16/3/1  0.825 
Ooze:      14/6    0.700
Dragons:   13/6/1  0.675
Unnatural: 8/12    0.400
Balmers:   8/12    0.400 
Cowbells:  6/14    0.300
Coyotes:   4/16    0.200 

Complete 2006 season schedule and scores:

Tues May  2:  Cowbells, pp. twice, played June 18
Thur May  4:  Dragons 11, Balmers 8
Tues May  9:  Bye (and it rained)
Thur May 11:  Ooze 10, Dragons 1
Tues May 16:  Unnatural Selection, pp. twice, played Thur July 20
Thur May 18:  Dragons 9, Coyotes 6
Tues May 23:  Dragons 4, Turkeys 4 (8 innings, it was cold and getting 
              dark. To be completed Sun July 23 if necessary) 
Thur May 25:  Cowbells 11, Dragons 8
Tues May 30:  Dragons 8, Balmers 7 (8 innings)
Thur Jun  1:  Bye (and it rained)
Sun  Jun  4:  Dragons 9, Coyotes 2
Tues Jun  6:  Ooze 9, Dragons 6 (8 innings)
Thur Jun  8:  Unnatural Selection, pp., played Sun July 16
Sun  Jun 11:  Makeups for June 1, Dragons bye
Tues Jun 13:  Dragons 8, Coyotes 7
Thur Jun 15:  Dragons 7, Turkeys 6
Sun  Jun 18:  Dragons 16, Cowbells 2 (makeup from May 2)
Tues Jun 20:  Dragons 10, Cowbells 0 (4 innings, stopped by rain, conceded)
Thur Jun 22:  Balmers 9, Dragons 6
Tues Jun 27:  Bye
Thur Jun 29:  Ooze, field too wet, played Fri July 14
Tues Jul  4:  No games
Thur Jul  6:  Dragons 10, Coyotes 3
Sun  Jul  9:  Makeups for June 1, Dragons bye
Tues Jul 11:  Turkeys, pp., to be played Sun Jul 23 (corrected)
Thur Jul 13:  Dragons 12, Balmers 10
Fri  Jul 14:  Ooze 7, Dragons 2  (makeup from June 29)
Sun  Jul 16:  Dragons 10, Unnatural Selection 3, (makeup from June 8)
Tues Jul 18:  Dragons 18, Unnatural Selection 5
Thur Jul 20:  Dragons 9, Unnatural Selection 3, (makeup from May 16)
Sun  Jul 23:  Turkeys 16, Dragons 7 (makeup from July 11)
              (May 23 8-inning game left as a tie). 

Thur Jul 27:  Playoff round #1: Dragons 18, Cowbells 1 (5 innings, conceded)
Tues Aug  1:  Playoff round #2: Dragons 11, Ooze 6
Thur Aug  3:  Playoff round #3: Turkeys 12, Dragons 5

Playoff schedule

Game #1 - Unnatural Selection 12, Balmers 4
Game #2 - Dragons 18, Cowbells 1
Game #3 - Primordial Ooze 17, Coyotes 4
         (#1 seed Turkeys had first round "bye")

Game #4 - Turkeys 15, Unnatural Selection 13
Game #5 - Dragons 11, Primordial Ooze 6

THURSDAY AUGUST 3 - Championship Game
Turkeys 12, Dragons 5 

Our wins/losses vs. other teams, 2006 regular season

Coyotes:   4/0     0 remaining
Unnatural: 3/0     0 remaining
Balmers:   3/1     0 remaining
Cowbells:  2/1     0 remaining
Turkeys:   1/1/1   0 remaining 
Ooze:      0/3     0 remaining

The official schedule for all teams, with results of games played, is on this page on the LSSE website

Schedule notes

Evening games normally start at 6:15, but it is very helpful for the managers if players arrive by 6:00 so we can plan a lineup. Also, warming up with batting and fielding practice can take place before game time; this works best if everyone is present. Usually the team equipment (bats, balls, spare gloves, etc.) will be at the field by 5:45.

Occasionally a double header will be scheduled, usually on the lighted Fort River 1 field, but occasionally elsewhere. On these occasions game time for the first game may be moved up to 6:00 p.m., so everyone should plan on doing everything 15 minutes earlier.

Our league is a Tuesday/Thursday league, but makeup games can be scheduled for Sundays, rarely also for Fridays. In general makeups are scheduled at the same time and field as the original game.

We have some players who make almost every game. If you are one of those, it would be appreciated if you would send email to the manager on the day of a game if you know you will not be able to play. Some other players can't make it to a significant number of games. I'd appreciate e-mail from you when you do plan to play. I'd also appreciate knowing in advance when you are likely to arrive late for any game, whether you are a regular or an irregular player.

The reason for asking for all these e-mails is to make sure everyone gets all the play time time they want. When players arrives late and unexpectedly they are likely to find themself not in the starting lineup. Some are happy to play partial games, others want lots of playing time. Some people with busy schedules ask me if they are really needed and are happy to skip a game when we have plenty of players.

Financial report

We have to pay a fee to join the league. The basic fee is $475 this year That is $50 more than last year. In addition there is a surcharge for players who are not Amherst residents. With eight non-Amherst residents on our final roster, our total registration fee was $555 this year. Figuring out how much to charge each player is tricky. There are always newcomers who are not sure whether they really want to play; others can't play regularly until school is out. This year I asked everyone to pay in $30 at the start of the season. We have to pay the entire fee in April to register a team. Brian graciously helped me by fronting part of the fee this year.

If you won't be able to play regularly or if a family member wants to play but won't be at every game contact me, we'll work something out.

Amherst softball field locations

Teams in our league

Managers' email: Al Woodhull <asw@woodhull.com>    Jenn Scheer <jscheer@ecsconsult.com>

Our league is part of the Amherst (MA) Amherst Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (LSSE) sports program.

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