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Softball Rain Policy

21 June 2008

If a game is cancelled by LSSE the decision will be made and posted by 4:30 p.m. Call the LSSE cancellation hotline at 259-3066 for up-to-date cancellation/rescheduling info. If there is a cancellation I will also send e-mail to the list, but if the cancellation decision is made late in the afternoon I may not be able to do that until after I get home, from work, which could be as late as 5:30.

If an official cancellation is not announced the league rule is that a game may be forfeited if a full team is not at the field at game time. So please try to make it if there is any doubt. Decisions to postpone can be made at game time by mutual agreement of the teams, but if one team shows up ready to play and wants to play it can mean a forfeit for an opponent short of players.

Summer rainstorms can be very localized. It could be raining in North Amherst, but dry at the fields where we play. So don't assume there is no game just because there is a shower where you are.

If in doubt at the last minute call me at home (413-549-2983) before 5:20 p.m., or on my cell phone (413-348-1932) until game time. Or call Daniel on his cell (781-962-4777). Both of us commute through areas where cell phone service is spotty, so leave a message if you can't get through.

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