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Dragons Game Reports 2008

rev 27 June 2008

Here are collected game summaries for the season. Most of these reports are as sent in e-mail by Al after each game, but some were written by Daniel and there are a few longer post-game analyses.

Tues May  6  Valley Radicals   Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Fort River 3  won  19-7

Dragons 1st game lineup and results:

1. Alex SS, later CF    bat: 1B, X, 2B, 1B, 3 runs
2. Erick                bat: 1B, 2B (4 inn.), 1 run
2. sub Mark SS          bat: 2B, HR, 2B, 2 runs
3. Lisa XB, later SF    bat: K, K, X, X
4. Elil LF              bat: 2B, 1B, 1B, HR, 3 runs
5. Darol XB, later 3B   bat: X, 1B, 1B, X, 2 runs
6. Claudia C            bat: 1B, foulX, 1B, 1 run (2 RBI in 1st) 
7. Ramon 3B, later XB   bat: 2B, 3B, 1B, 2 runs
8. Vicente 1B           bat: X, 1B, HR, 2 runs
9. Teresa C. RF         bat: K, 1B, X, 1 run
10. Daniela 2B          bat: X, X, X
11. Vince P             bat: X (3 inn.)
11. sub Brian P         bat: 1B, 1B, 1 run
12. Teresa O. SF, XB    bat: X, X, 1B, 1 run

Thur May  8  Primordial Ooze   Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Fort River 1  lost  3-10

Dragons: slimed by the Ooze

We lost, alas...under the lights....I believe the score was either 11-3,
12-3 or 11-4.   Our scorekeepers had a difficult time keeping up with their
changes and ours, so all was not quite perfect in that department...But
everyone got to play who showed up, and that's significant.  So, we're 1-1,
heading into the next game on Tuesday vs. the Coyotes at FR1...

Tues May 13  Coyotes  	       Vs.  Dragons  	        6:15 Fort River 1  won  18-15

Dragons save the bacon from Coyotes

We were ahead 17-9 after 5 innings, it was already late, and players with a
game scheduled after ours were getting impatient. Someone went and checked
out the mercy rule for our league -- a lead of 10 runs after 5 innings ends
the game. We needed two, but we didn't get any more.  In the top of the 7th
inning the Coyotes scored four and then loaded the bases with two out and
their leadoff man at the plate. Somehow we pulled it out. Two runs scored
but the potential tying runner was tagged out at second base. The final
score at 8:30 p.m. was 18-15.

inning:         1       2       3       4       5       6       7
Coyotes         2       5       0       1       1       0       6
Dragons         3       3       0       6       5       0       -

Lineup and batting

1. Ramon (SS, 3B)       1B, 1B, 1B, 1B, X       4 runs
2. Erick (P)            2B, X, 1B               2 runs
   Vince (P)            1B, X                   1 run
3. Mary (SF)            X, 1B, X, 1B, X
4. Vicente (1B)         HR, X                   1 run
   Elil (1B)            1B                      1 run
   Jonathan (1B)        1B, 1B                  1 run
5. Teresa C. (RF)       X, 1B, 1B, 1B, X        1 run
6. Ben (CF)             2B, X, 3B               1 run
   Jeff (CF)            1B                      1 run
7. Claudia (2B)         X, 1B, 1B, 1B           2 runs
8. Al (3B)              1B, X                   1 run
   Mark (SS)            1B, 1B
9. Darol (LF)           1B, X, 1B, 2B
10.Teresa O. (C)        1B, 1B, X, 1B           2 runs

Thur May 15  Dragons  	       Vs.  Cowbells   	        6:15 Kiwanis       lost  2-3 

Al had to leave early, this is Daniel's game report.

We couldn't quite score the tying run in the top of the seventh.  Down 3-1 -
and having held the Cowbells scoreless and spellbound since they erupted for
three in the first inning - we scored a second run in our last at-bat and
had runners at first and second with two out, and couldn't get that last
runner in...despite our valiant attempts to rally.

Defensively, we were superb.  Everyone at every position did everything they
could fielding-wise, and we really showed and felt a lot of spirit in
holding down a good team after the first inning.  For the record, we had
no fewer than 4  1-2-3 innings defensively, and several outfielders made
excellent catches and throws.  It was exciting until the last out was made.

Tues May 20  Dragons  	       Vs.  Spare Parts         6:15 Groff Park 1  lost  4-15

Dragons taken apart by Spare Parts

Well... it stared out looking good. Your reporter was happy to score a run
that put us ahead 3-2 in the second inning, and Ramon's triple that brought
me in also led to Ramon scoring our fourth run.

Unfortunately our four runs in the first two innings were it for the night,
and by the end of the fifth we were down 15-4. In our league a 10 run
differential after five innings is considered a knockout, and the game could
have ended right then, except that we wanted to play on, if only for
practice, and the Parts were agreeable. We had great defense in those last
two innings and held them scoreless, but, alas, we were also kept down and
15-4 was the final score.

This was the first game we played with Otto(*), the otto-matic out, in the
10th position of our lineup, due to having only three women on hand. And
Kelley had a muscle pull just before Claudia arrived at about the 3rd
inning, so she decided to sit it out and we played the entire game with Otto
in the lineup and only three outfielders.

(*)Otto is also known as Ms Sing.

Thur May 22  Dragons  	       Vs.  Esselon Hot Toddies	6:15 Fort River 2  lost  0-1

Dragons lose but win

First, we lost by forfeit our game with the Hot Toddies. As late as 15
nminutes after game time we still did not have enough women to field a legal
team. The winners will report that they beat us by a score of 1-0.

But everyone wanted to play, anyway, so we played an unofficial 7 inning
game, in which we scored 11 runs to the Toddies' 6. We never at any point
had a legal team, and officially we lost, but both teams had fun.

Tues May 27  Dragons  	       Vs.  Charlie's     	6:15 Fort River 3  lost  6-10

A hard week so far...

The Charlie's team we played Tuesday was pretty aggressive, and two of their
players injured themselves to prove it. They had an early lead, we tightened
our defense in the last half of the game. but ultimately we lost, 6-10.

Thur May 29  Dragons  	       Vs.  Unnatural Selection 6:15 Fort River 1  lost  5-23

Dragons fight, but Unnaturals remain undefeated

After 1 inning it was a 3-3 tie, after 2 innings we were down one at 5-6,
and even after four innings we were just down by 2 runs at 5-7. But the
Unnatural Selection went on to score 16 more and the final score was Dragons
5, Unnaturals 23.

We ***can** beat these folks. We'll have one more chance, July 10, our last
regular season game.

Tues Jun  3  Dragons           Vs.  Ben Gay Balmers  	6:15 Fort River 2  lost  2-28!

Dragons: the good news is it was not a shutout

Yes, at the end we managed to score two runs against the Balmers in the top
of the 7th inning.

But we were doomed from the start -- the Balmers were ahead 20-0 at the end
of the first inning. Amazingly  enough we held them down through a number of
innings and the final score was, perhaps, 28-0 (our score-keeping was rather
sketchy, since we had nobody on the bench to keep the book during much of
the game).

The Balmers, with whom we go way, way, back and whom we have always enjoyed
playing (see, for instance, http://dragons.woodhull.com/2000/), were worthy
opponents and absolutely deserved the win. We were short-handed, for one
thing, with Mark disabled with a cast on one hand (yet he played first base
and batted one-handed), and many of our usual power-players unable to make
it to this game. We started the game late with only 9 on the field and
nobody on the bench, and Vince had to leave early for a meeting. Kelley, who
is still nursing her injured leg, came to watch and was drafted to bat for
Vince, who had to leave early (with Banu and Darol running for her). Mark
decided playing an entire game one-handed would not work, and with defeat
all but conceded, the Balmer's manager Dana came over to play first base for

An at-bat worth noting: Claudia led us off in the last inning, and took
advantage of errors to convert a safe single into a triple, which led to her
scoring our first run.

Thur Jun  5  Rafters/Muddy B   Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Kiwanis       lost  1-17

Dragons: another shutdown avoided

Yes, once again we avoided a shutdown. We scored our first run against the
Rafters team in the bottom of the fifth inning. Undoubtedly fearful that
this was the beginning of a comeback by the Dragons, our opponents invoked
the mercy rule to protect their 16 run lead. They claimed it was getting too
cold to continue to play. Final score: Dragons 1, Rafters 17.

Tues Jun 10  Truculent Turkeys Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Fort River 3  lost  6-17

Dragons: a respectable loss

Well, the Turkeys beat us 17-6. It wasn't as bad as some recent games. We
were never in danger of being shut out.

Special thanks to Melisa, Daniela's friend who helped out at 2nd base, and
Therese, who came to the field with the Turkeys but helped us in the

Thur Jun 12  Dragons           Vs.  Valley Radicals  	6:15 Fort River 2  lost  9-11

Al had to leave early, this report is from Kelley:
It was a really close game but we lost 9-11  =(

Tues Jun 17  Dragons           Vs.  Primordial Ooze 	6:15 Fort River 2  lost  2-12	

Dragons: still shutout-free

I wish we had something better to brag about than not getting shut out, but
that was the story of today's game with the Primordial Ooze. We kept them
from absolutely trampling us, but they won, 2-12, with our only two runs
scored in the 6th (by Mara running for Kelley) and in the 7th (by Jeff).

Thur Jun 19  Dragons           Vs.  Coyotes             6:15 Groff Park 1

Dragons: Moral victory streak continues (Dragons 10, Coyotes 21)

"Another moral victory" was Daniel's pronouncement on our last game. We did not just
recover in the last innings to avoid a shutdown, we played a good game throughout 
and ended with a 6 hit, 4 run mini-rally in the top of the 7th, putting our score
in the double digits for the first time since our third game of the season. The 
Coyotes had less than twice our score, that looks pretty good compared to some
recent games. Daniel's eloquence was probably assisted by liquid nourishment at a
post-game gathering at the Harp, where all present were suitably refreshed.

Some details, inning by inning

Inning:        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 total
               ------------- ----
Dragons: Runs: 2 2 0 3 0 0 4  11
         Hits: 3 5 0 5 0 1 6  20
Coyotes: Runs: 3 7 4 1 0 6    21
         Hits: 6 9 6 2 2 9    34

Our lineup:
 1. Mary T.  2B
 2. Ramon    SS
 3. Erick    LF
    George   LF
 4. Kelley   C
 5. Banu     CF
    Jeff     CF
 6. Daniela  RF, XB
 7. Daniel   P
 8. Vicente  1B
    Al       XB
 9. Teresa   SF
10. Darol    3B
    Nat      3B
11. Jen M.   XB, RF
12. Jonathan XB, 1B

Tues Jun 24  postponed to July 15 because of rain and wet fields	 

Thur Jun 26  Spare Parts       Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Kiwanis

Dragons lose to Spare Parts 9-19

Not much more to say... we put up a pretty good fight, but we never had the
lead. Tony, in his first game with the Dragons, gave us some hope when his
grand slam in the 6th inning cut the lead substantially, but then the
Parts came back with 7 runs in the top of the 7th.

Tues Jul  1  Dragons           Vs.  Esselon Hot Toddies 6:15 Fort River 3  	  
Thur Jul  3  Charlie's         Vs.  Dragons 	        7:45 Fort River 1
Tues Jul  8  Ben Gay Balmers   Vs.  Dragons  	        6:15 Groff Park 1
Thur Jul 10  Unnatural Select  Vs.  Dragons             7:45 Fort River 1
Tues Jul 15  Cowbells          Vs.  Dragons             6:15 Fort River 3 (pp. from 6/24)

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