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Dragons News Archive: 2009

updated July 20, 2009

July 14: Dragons lost, score uncertain, something like 14+ for the Unnatural
Selection and 6 for the Dragons. A fun game against a nice team, however.

July 12: Another hard fought game in which we were handicapped by having the automatic 
out at the end of the lineup. We played some good defense, but two 5 run innings by the
Coyotes did us in. We scored two runs in each of three innings, and had a total of 18
hits. Newsreel highlight play of the day was the game ending out, as Darol
frantically rolled on the ground near 2nd base to try to avoid a tag.

July 9:  The game with the Unnaturals was supposed to be played under the 
lights, but it was halted early on bcause nobody could be found to turn on the
lights.  After we halted the game, our opponents shared with us the contents of
a cooler full of, ahem, liquid refreshments, and we had a nice social hour and 
a game of kickball in the dark. It was actually a rather fun time.

We will reschedule and probably just start from the beginning. This may be
a double header, the 7/7 game with the Balmers was not accepted by the league
as complete, so we need to meet them again to finish it. Update: in fact, the
loss to the Balmers was accepted as a complete game by agreement of both teams.

July 7: Between thunderstorms we met the Ben Gay Balmers, who defeated us 10-2.
The game was somewhat shortened by the storm. 

July 2: Rain again! We'll play Charlie's on Sunday July 19, presumably same time 
and place as originally scheduled.

June 30: We didn't really expect we would be the ones to break the Diamond 
Studs' unbeaten record. The final score was Diamonds 8, Dragons 3. Not bad: 
the Diamonds have had double-digit winning margins in 6 of 8 games for which
scores have been posted.  We played good defense, with two double plays and 
a spectacular catch of a line drive at 3rd base by Carla. On the offensive
side Darol had a home run, Tony tripled, and Mark had several spectacular hits.

June 29: (Webmaster got behind, sorry). We lost to Cowbells, to the Spare 
Parts by forfeit, and, yesterday, to the Turkeys. The last game started 
hopefully, we were ahead 2-0 after the first few innings, but in the end 
we lost 19-2.

June 18: Rain again! Today's game postponed to Sunday July 12.

June 16: Lost 6-4 to Ooze. A surprisingly tight game, excellent Dragons defense 
included a double play and several long balls caught in the outfield.

June 14: Soaked fields! Today's makeup game postponed again, to Tuesday July 14.

June 12: League standings are now posted below the schedule.

June 11: Dragons lose to Valley Radicals: The score was 17-8, not quite the 10 run 
difference needed for a mercy rule knockout, but at the end of 6 innings it was starting
to rain and getting quite dark.  Our big inning was the 2nd -- after Daniel's leadoff 
single Tony blasted a home run, shortly after that Jordan produced a solo homer, and
subsequently Brian and Samantha singled, and Ramon and Darol had doubles. Brian, 
Samantha, and Ramon all scored, but I can't figure out from the scorebook record how
to divide the RBI credit between Ramon and Darol. Whatever the details, the six run 
inning tied the game. But we could never take the lead, we only got 2 more in the 3rd
to the Radicals' 3 in the bottom of the 2nd, and 4 each in the 4th and 5th. 

June 9: Rain! Game postponed to Sunday June 28.

June 7: Another close loss, Cowbells 9, Dragons 7. The Cowbells took an early
lead, 6-1 after the 1st inning. We clawed our way back and kept them under 
control, but we couldn't top them. Notable events were Brian's triple, and home
runs by Tony and Jordan. Jordan's came in the top of the 7th with two outs, when
we needed 3 runs to tie, but we didn't make it. 

June 4: Chegs 18, Dragons 16, another great game. Despite four regulars 
(Kelley, Ramon, Mark, Daniel) not being there, with new players Jordan and 
Hector we had a full team and played a great game. Because of confusion about
the score we didn't realize how close the score was -- we thought we were
behind, and suddenly it was a 13-13 tie at the end of the 6th. 

June 2: Things are looking up, we had a full team, even relievers, both men
and women, and an exciting game with the Balmers, who are always fun to play
against. We were ahead 18-3 after four innings, but the Balmers didn't give
up, and our winning score was 22-15. 
May 31: The Dragons lost to the Ooze 23-10, but it was a good game, and we had
some good innings. We are getting better.  For the first time we had a full 
team, no automatic out, even a couple of relievers. We are off to a slow
start, but we are getting better.  

May 28: Another rainout. Postponed to Sunday June 14. We now have makeup games
scheduled for the next three Sundays. Makeups are always at the same time and
on the same field as the originally scheduled game.

May 26: Dragons lose to Charlie's 15-4.  It was a day of experiments: players
who were playing for the first time this season, others in new positions, and
the dreaded Otto, who always makes an out, at the end of the lineup. We scored
in three innings and we held our opponents scoreless in three, it was their
two big innings that hurt us.

May 21: Not unexpectedly, we forfeited, with six regulars unable to be there.
Kelley, Tony, and Al showed the flag, threw a ball around for a while, and
then conceded the forfeit. Vince joined us a bit later.
May 19: We lost, but only by one run (3-2) to a team that has been
consistently one of the strongest and most aggressive. We were short-handed,
playing with the automatic out. It was a good game.

Our next game (Thursday 5/21) is a major worry. At least four of those who 
played tonight will not be able to make it, and we were already short by two
regulars out this week. 

May 15: Yesterday's game was postponed due to rain. We had a full team
present. Thanks to all who came! Makeups for this and last week's postponed
game are scheduled for Sundays, same time, same field, see schedule below. Also
note the link below for the schedule on the web page, it will show scores as 
they are reported as well as the makeup game dates.  

May 12: Forfeited to Coyotes -- we need players!

May 7: All games cancelled because of heavy rain earlier.

May 5: We won, 18-10 yesterday.

May 4: First game is tomorrow, please try to be at the field (Fort River 3) 
before 6 p.m. 

Here are important phone numbers to check:
LSSE cancellation line:  413-259-3066 
Manager Al:              cell 413-348-1932, home 413-549-2983
Manager Daniel:          cell 781-962-4777
LSSE cancellations will be posted by 4:30 p.m., call Al or Daniel if weather
becomes questionable after that.

April 30: We have Groff Park 1 reserved for our last preseason practice
at 4:00 p.m. Sunday 5/3.

The league schedule for the season is out. Our first two games will be 
against the Valley Radicals on Tuesday 5/5 at Fort River 3 and the 
Primordial Ooze on Thursday 5/7 at Fort River 1. Game time is 6:15 for both 
games, but please try to be there at 5:45, 6:00 at the latest, for warmups,
batting practice and game planning.

You can download the complete schedule (see link on home page).  I'll also 
send it as an e-mail attachment, and printed copies will be available at the
Sunday practice.
April 27: Our third practice session will be tomorrow Tuesday 4/28. We
have the field reserved for 5:30 until dark. Bats, balls, and spare gloves 
should be there by 5:45.
April 26: Second pre-season practice TODAY, 2 to 4 p.m. at Fort River 1 (see
link to Amherst softball field locations below). Six of us showed up for a cool
first session on Thursday, today promises to be real 80+ degree softball 
weather. Be there!

April 16: We have a team and are registered with LSSE! Six teams have registered
for the league so far, with another day to go. Practice fields have been 
reserved for two days, see schedule below.

2009 Pre-season Schedule:

March 26 -- league organizational meeting
March 27 -- team registration begins
April 13 -- practice fields available for paid-up teams
April 17 -- registration ends

*** Thursday April 23: practice, Kiwanis Field, 5:30 ***

 *** Sunday April 26: practice, Fort River 1, 2:00 ***

May 1    -- schedules available
May 5    -- season begins

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