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Softball field locations

April 30, 2005

[Amherst map]

Fort River School is east of the center of Amherst. Go east on Main St. to the traffic light at the East Amherst Common (North East St.), turn right (south) on East St. toward Rte 9, the school is on your left. The first entrance is one way the wrong way for cars, the entrance you can use is at the south end of the common. As you go in, Field 3 is the first one on your right, Field 1 is the main field with bleachers and light poles, Field 2 is behind the school, mostly out of sight from the entrance drive.
Hint about parking: there have been players who have hit home runs through windshields of cars parked on the edge of the Field 3 left field, I would suggest choosing a parking space closer to the school.

Kiwanis Park is on Stanley Street. From the intersection of South East St. and College St. (Rte 9) head south on South East St. You'll see Stanley St. on the left, just before the first railroad bridge. Kiwanis Park is at the sharp curve where Stanley St. makes a right-angle turn back toward Rte. 9 (here Belchertown Rd.).

Initial word was that games in our league would not be scheduled at Groff Park this year. That has changed, we will play on GP1 fairly often:

Groff Park is south of the center of Amherst on Mill Valley Road, off Rte 116, otherwise known as South Pleasant St. or West St. Go past Amherst College, down the hill about a mile. At the bottom of the hill there is a traffic light at Mill Valley Rd. west. Go beyond the light, turn left on Mill Valley Rd. east, you'll see the park in about 100 yds. The lower field is Field 2, go in the main entrance to park for Field 2. For Field 1, go past the main entrance to the upper softball field, you can park on the edge of the road.

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