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Teams of the Coed Unumpired A Divison

May 17, 2005

Who are the Dragons?

The Dragons have been playing in this league since the late 1980's. At one point a core group of the team were employees of a now-vanished Amherst-based software company. A number of players from another team in our league (the Strollers, formed by members of a childbirth class) that was founded at about the same time joined the Dragons when the Strollers disbanded in 1997. Although there has been quite a bit of turnover in almost 20 years, some original members of both the Dragons and the Strollers are still playing.

In the 2005 season it looks like we will have players ranging in age from 16 to 63, and several family groups. We have often had couples and father-son, father-daughter, or mother-son combinations in our lineup; it is rumored that a grandmother-son-granddaughter combination once played for the Dragons.

We play for fun, but we usually make a fairly good account of ourselves, too. In 2000 we were co-champions of our league (the final playoff game was called as a tie because of darkness and it was well into August, nobody wanted to try to schedule a makeup). In recent years we have consistently finished in the top half of our league.

Who are the other teams in our league?

The Ben Gay Balmers (sometimes known by other names), are old friends. Some of them work at Food for Thought in Amherst. We shared the league championship with them in 2000 when it became too dark to finish the final playoff game, tied 10-10 after 5 long innings.

The Coyotes are also old friends, many of them are in the UMass Computer Science Department. On occasion some Dragons have joined with them to form teams for benefit tournaments. The Coyotes have been tough competitors, and are usually with us near the top of the standings.

The Primordial Ooze we know from past seasons. We have had good and bad times with them. A number of them are from the Biology and related departments at UMass.

The Spare Parts played in the Sunday (B division) unumpired coed league a few years ago, then decided they wanted to play more often and moved to our A division. Their base is the Polymer Science Dept. at UMass. They chose their name because in past seasons they were frequently short-handed and drafted bystanders or friends to field full teams. In recent years they don't seem to be having any problem fielding teams and they have become **the** team to beat in the A Division.

Cowbells is a new name for the former Nose Talkers. They are composed of members of the UMass Chem and Harp teams of several years ago. They have been a young and friendly team, we've had good games with them.

The Drawing Dead is a new name for the former 10-56s, a team that previously played in the umpired league and decided to move to our league. At least some of them work for UMass Transit. "10-56" is the police radio code for "drunk and disorderly." "Drawing Dead" is a poker term.

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