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Dragons 2003

LSSE/Amherst Adult Softball League
Coed non-umpired A-Division

revised 11 July 2003
URGENT news (like cancellations, etc.)


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Dragons 2003 schedule

All games are at 6:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Games rescheduled because of 
rain or wet fields will generally be rescheduled for a Friday, same time and
field as originally scheduled.

Click on the "Urgent" link at the top of this page for late information about
cancellations or other changes.

Last update July 19

Tues May   6 Nose Talkers vs Dragons     FR2  ***Dragons won,  27-16***  
Thur May   8 Ben Gay Balmers vs Dragons  GP2  postponed to Fri 5/16
Tues May  13 Dragons: no game ...and it rained, anyway
Thur May  15 Dragons vs Primordial Ooze  GP2  ***Dragons lost,  7-9 ***
Fri  May  16 Ben Gay Balmers vs Dragons  GP2  ***Dragons win by forfeit***(pp from 5/8)
Tues May  20 Dragons vs 10-56s           FR2  ***Dragons win,  26-9 ***  
Thur May  22 Dragons vs Coyotes          FR3  ***Dragons lose,  8-9 *** 
Tues May  27 Spare Parts vs Dragons      FR3  ***Dragons win,   9-8 *** 
Thur May  29 Nose Talkers vs Dragons     FR2  ***Dragons win,  11-10***
Tues June  3 Ben Gay Balmers vs Dragons  GP2  ***Dragons win,  25-2 ***
Thur June  5 Dragons: no game
Fri  June  6 Dragons vs Nose Talkers     FR2  ***Dragons win,  13-11***
Tues June 10 Dragons vs. Primordial Ooze GP2  ***Dragons win,  13-3 *** 
Thur June 12 postponed to Friday July 11
Fri  June 13 Dragons: no game (makeups from 5/13) ... and it rained again
Tues June 17 Dragons vs. Coyotes         FR3  ***Dragons win,   7-0 ***
Thur June 19 Spare Parts vs. Dragons     FR3  ***Dragons lose, 12-13***      
Tues June 24 Nose Talkers vs. Dragons    FR2  ***Dragons win,  14-12*** 
Thur June 26 Ben Gay Balmers vs. Dragons GP2  ***Dragons win by forfeit***
Tues July  1 Dragons: no game
Thur July  3 Dragons vs. Primordial Ooze GP2  ***Dragons lose, 10-11*** 
Tues July  8 Dragons vs. 10-56's         FR2  ***Dragons win,  19-9 *** 
Thur July 10 Dragons vs. Coyotes         FR3  ***Dragons lose, 7-16 ***
Fri  July 11 Dragons vs. 10-56's (from 6/12, pp. again to 7/17)
Tues July 15 Spare Parts vs. Dragons     FR3  ***Dragons lose, 5-11 *** 
Thur July 17 Ben Gay Balmers vs. Dragons FR3  ***Dragons win, 22-11 ***
Thur July 17 Dragons vs 10-56's (makeup) FR1  ***Dragons win, 22-3  ***
Tues July 22 \  
Thur July 24  \ playoff dates
Tues July 26  / see playoff page (click link below) 
Thur July 28 /
There are 7 teams in the league, so every Tuesday and Thursday there will
be one team that doesn't play. To make things come out even there were
games scheduled for Friday June 6, with the Coyotes playing a double
header that night.
Standings: COED UN-UMPIRED A DIVISION  as of July 19
The first win-loss column is the official record from the LSSE web page.
The second win-loss column is unofficial, based on knowledge of games not yet 
posted by LSSE (if there is nothing there it means I don't know anything more
than the LSSE web page). The third column is the Dragons won-lost record 
against each team. The order is based on the unofficial percentage.

                      official    unofficial   Dragons
                      ----------- ------------ -----------
     Spare Parts     18-1  (.947) 19-1  (.950) 1-2 ( .333) 
     Dragons         12-6  (.666) 14-6  (.700)  -
     Primordial Ooze 11-7  (.611)              1-2 ( .333)
     Coyotes          6-8  (.428)              1-2 ( .333)
     Nose Talkers     3-9  (.250)              4-0 (1.000)
     10-56's          2-9  (.181)  2-10 (.167) 3-0 (1.000)
     Ben Gay Balmers  1-13 (.071)  2-14 (.125) 4-0 (1.000)

Who are the other teams in our league?

The Balmers (last year's COB, but Balmers is their old name), are old
friends.  Some of them work at Food for Thought in Amherst. We shared
the league championship with them two years ago when it became too
dark to finish the final playoff game, tied 10-10 after 5 long

The Coyotes are also old friends, many of them are in the UMass
Computer Science Department. On occasion some Dragons have joined with
them to form teams for benefit tournaments.

The Ooze we know from past seasons.  We have had good and bad times
with them. A number of them are from the Biology and related
departments at UMass.

The Nose Talkers are composed of members of the UMass Chem and Harp
teams of last year. A young and friendly team. 

The 10-56s are a team that previously played in the umpired league and
decided to move to our league. At least some of them work for UMass
Transit.  "10-56" is the police radio code for "drunk and disorderly."
The Spare Parts played in the Sunday (B division) unumpired coed league last
year. Their base is the Polymer Science Dept. at UMass. They chose their 
name because in past seasons they were frequently short-handed and drafted 
bystanders or friends to field full teams. As I write this about halfway 
through the season, they don't seem to be having any problem fielding a team 
and they have become **the** team to beat in the A Division.
Manager's email:

Our league is part of the Amherst (MA) Amherst Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (LSSE) sports program.

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