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Dragons News Archive: 2010

updated June 6, 2010

May 16,2010:
Last Thursday's game, Dragons vs. Danco Modern (formerly known as Charlie's) 
was a 20 to 6 loss for the Dragons.
Next game: Tuesday May 18 Unnatural Selection vs. Dragons  7:45   Fort #1
(Note time, we play under the lights!)

May 13, 2010:
E-mail Al sent yesterday was wrong, schedule he posted here is wrong. Tonight's
game is at 6:15 at Kiwanis.
         Dragons  vs. Danco Modern  6:15  Kiwanis Field

May 12, 2010:
Nat's report on Coyotes game: The final score of the game last night was 31-9.
We got off to a rough start (I think we lost something like 20 runs in the 
first 2-3 innings), but things went more smoothly once everyone warmed up.

May 7, 2010:
Last night's game against the Ooze started off well, the Dragons were ahead
3-1 after the first inning. Unfortunately the final score was a 7-4 loss.
But it was a good showing. The Ooze have usually been a strong team, and 
their first game earlier in the week was a defeat of the Unnatural Selection,
last year's #2 team.
May 4, 2010:
An auspicious start -- after an afternoon of dark clouds, high winds, and 
fallen trees, the sun shone on us as we took the field in our first game,
against the Valley Radicals. We took an early lead in the first inning --
we held them scoreless in the top of the inning, and our leadoff batter
Hector started our half with a triple. No scorebook in front of me, but 
we scored at least 3, maybe 4, runs in our first inning. Things looked a
bit tighter as we got further into the game, it was 4-4 and a bit later 
5-5, but then the Dragons breathed fire. Final score was Dragons 14, 
Radicals 6.

April 29, 2010:
The league schedule is out, if you are on the e-mail list you should have 
received it. Here are our first two weeks:
Tuesday  May 4  Valley Radicals     vs. Dragons  6:15   Fort #3
Thursday May 6  Primordial Ooze     vs. Dragons  6:15   Fort #1
Tuesday  May 11 Coyotes             vs. Dragons  6:15   Fort #1
Thursday May 13 Unnatural Selection vs. Dragons  7:45   Fort #1
... and don't forget we have a practice today, Thursday 4/29, at Groff Park,
6 p.m.
If you are new to the league, there is a map showing all of the fields we
use online at http://dragons.woodhull.com/fields.html.
April 21, 2010, news from Nat:

The team is officially registered and ready to rock. Practices will
be tomorrow (4/22) and the following Thursday (4/29) from 6 to whenever 
we feel like leaving at Groff Park in South Amherst.

Click for map showing Groff Park

We'll be doing some batting practice and fielding exercises and,
depending on turnout, we might try doing a scrimmage at the end.
Bring a glove and some comfortable clothes to run in. Also, the
weather says that there may be intermittent thunderstorms tomorrow
afternoon. So, bring a raincoat. If it starts to thunder we'll call
off practice. Stay tuned... I'll send out an email tomorrow afternoon
around 4-5 to confirm practice is still on provided the weather
doesn't get too gnarly.

Any questions, directions, or if people need help coordinating a ride
let me know.

- Nat
cell: 508-685-5155
work: 413-545-7372

April 18, 2010:
Please note Nat's phone and e-mail at the bottom of this page. If you haven't 
contacted him yet to indicate your desire to play this year please do so. If
you haven't received e-mail from him or Al yet this year please get in touch
so the e-mail list can be corrected.
The team has been registered, practice field reservations will be available
soon, please check here and watch your e-mail for news.

March 30, 2010:
People have been checking in, volunteering, reporting on possible new recruits.
More news coming soon!!!

March 21, 2010:
The organizational meeting for the league will take place on Thursday  
April 1. Here are other important dates for the 2010 season:

Registration Begins: Friday, April 2nd  
Registration Ends: Friday, April 16th 
Team Practices Begin: Monday, April 12th (after ALL fees have been paid)
Schedules and Game Balls Distributed: Friday, April 30th  
Season Begins: Monday, May 3rd (depending on field conditions)

Al is going to need a lot of help if the Dragons are to field a team this year.
He will be moving out of Amherst. He will still be close enough to play, 
although possibly not every day, but he cannot take on all of the managerial 

All members on the mailing list will receive e-mail with more information.

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